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Developing a Mobile App

Developing a Mobile App

Apple App Store and Google Play publish thousands of apps, usually games, social networks, and e-commerce apps. When building the apps like the pros at, you need to follow a specific process to get the job done. The development process involves the idea, strategy, design, and development.


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An idea should inspire the entire process of app design. Thinking of a problem and how to solve it using an app is one way of coming up with an idea. You can also think of a way of exploiting a given existing market, such as in the case of gaming apps.

Once you come up with an idea, consider reasons as to why such an app has not been developed yet to try and figure out the problems that may be related to it. You need to have a complete understanding of what the mobile app can do before investing your time and money in it.


There are many factors that you have to consider as part of your strategy. Start by checking out other apps that may be somehow similar to yours to determine what your competition will be. You can make your judgment based on ratings, reviews, number of installs, and the company history of your competition.

The second part of strategizing is monetization if you wish to make some money from all the hard work that you will put in. Monetization methods include in-app purchases, premium features, subscription payments, ad-revenue, and traditional paid apps. Determine which method will work best for your app, and at what point you will the monetization.

The next part of should be marketing. Identify all the challenges that you might face when marketing. App adoption will be your biggest challenge, which means that you have to figure out a way to make users choose your app over that of your competitors.

The final step of involves defining the roadmap of your app. It is simply understanding what your mobile app could be and everything that it needs to get there. The core functionality of your app will play a major role in determining this. You can also consider releasing different versions of the same application to get the most out of everything.

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Design involves information architecture, wireframes, workflows, and click through models. The work involves deciding the data and functionality to be presented, assignments and functions of each data, and users’ pathways.

Once you have all these figured out, you will be able to continue with the app development process and be on your way to making profits. You might need to do a beta launch to confirm everything works well.…